Neverest Hosting and Domains is a division of Neverest Creative Inc. and is a one stop shop for all your hosting and domain needs. From basic hosting packages to virtually dedicated and dedicated servers plus email marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the tools you need to unlock the World Wide Web are just a few clicks away.

At Neverest Hosting and Domains we are not just about providing exceptional service and quality web products but about complete customer satisfaction. We are here to help you succeed! We recognize that without our dedicated clients we would not exist. Thus, we constantly strive to improve our product offering and facilitate our clients needs for email, domains and websites to the very best of our ability.

Your time is valuable and that is why our website, hosting, domain and email services are tailored to your specific needs. From one off to bulk plans you will find what you need here. Our 24 hour sales and support team is here to help on your schedule so give us a call anytime and lets take your web project to the next level.

Premium Web Design & Development

Looking for a little more functionality or interested in a completely custom development? Look no further. From static to dynamic websites and application development Neverest Hosting and Domains offers premium web design and development services via Neverest Creative Marketing.

All of our web projects are created with Search Engine Optimization in mind, coded in ways that are valid (W3C) and accessible. This is achieved by using the latest CSS and HTML. Our team has experience with most popular CMS including Joomla and Wordpress and can create completely custom templates with the functionality to meet your needs. From small one off projects to large scale multi-sites NCI can assist you with start to finish solutions

Neverest Creative Marketing is a division of Neverest Creative Inc. and has the skill set and experience to provide you with high quality custom web development and design at affordable prices. As a full service marketing firm Neverest Creative Marketing can provide you with a range of related services including marketing plan consulting and social media management. Interested in starting a conversation?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain?

If your new to website creation, the internet in general or maybe have only used the web as a resource for finding information and email you may be wondering:

"What is a domain?"

A domain is basically the address of your website for example:

Now this is a bit of an over simplification as a domain is technically only a portion of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which is the longer internet address that provides the remainder of the information needed to properly bring up a site on the web such as the specific page you are visiting:

More specifically a domain is comprised of sections, which based on the example given above are as follows:

yourwebsite would be considered the Mid-Level domain where the .com is the Top Level Domain (TLD.) There are a great variety of TLD's such as .ca, .org, .edu, .net, .info to choose from based on your needs. For more information on specific TLD's please visit our Domain Names page.

Now that you know what a domain name is you may hear people refer to it or your internet address in many ways:

"What is your website"
"Whats your URL?"
"What is your domain?"
"What's your (internet) address?"

all of these examples (though they may not be technically correct) are ways of inquiring about how to find your website on the internet.

Ready to acquire a domain of your own or still have more questions? Feel free to call our 24 hour Sales and Support team via Neverest Hosting and Domains is committed to providing quality start to finish web solutions.

What is SEO?

 SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the means by which a website is made "search engine friendly" increasing the likelihood that it will be displayed by search engines when someone is seeking related information.

In many cases SEO has become a "catch all" term for a series of different services that can help increase traffic to your website such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM.) However it is in itself a specific goal completed by a number of smaller tasks.

Search Engine Optimization typically includes creating proper keywords and descriptions for the pages of your website that are stored in your sites metadata (in the <head> of each page) but also applies to a number of other general and specific tasks i.e. always using valid HTML and properly titling pages.

At Neverest Hosting and Domains we have a range of tools that can assist you in your SEO objectives. In particular our Search Engine Optimization product is an cost effective, easy to use tool that not only helps you optimize your site but can assist in submission to a range of key search engines.

How to Build a DIY Website

As you may imagine there are many ways to create a website and various types of web developments based on your needs. Perhaps you want a mobile friendly site? Or maybe you are interested in selling products or services online and are looking for an eCommerce site? Then again you may be looking for a simple standard website that you can manage on your own with limited to no coding experience? In any case you have come to the right place.

Neverest Hosting and Domains has a range of tools to meet these needs from our Website Builder website builder (where even with very limited online experience you can build an attractive and effective website catered specifically to your needs) to our Premium Web Design where the possibilities for custom web development are almost limitless.

No matter which type or method you choose website creation usually starts with an idea or objective and requires a few core components. Maybe you want a way to share personal experiences with distant family members or perhaps you have caught the "Blogger Bug" and want to begin your own blog the fundamentals are basically the same:

What you will need:

  1. A domain (for details see our What is a Domain section above)
  2. Hosting (a place to store your website so it can be served to the web)
  3. Site files (these may be HTML, PHP, Flash etc.)

What type of site files will depend on what kind of site you are looking to build. In addition to the items above you may consider some additional products to help promote or complete your online offering such as email or an SSL Certificate (to secure your site particularly important for eCommerce sites.)

The good news is we have everything you need to begin setting up your very own website within a few clicks! Looking for further details or want to get started right away? Our 24/7 Sales and Support team is ready to assist anytime that works for you. Simply visit to begin!


Why Choose Us?

Wix Websites

At Neverest Creative Marketing we absolutely believe in providing our clients with the best possible tools to accomplish their online goals. Because of this we are also proud to partner up with some other great online product providers. A custom solution is not always within the budget for a growing business and as such we like to give you options that can meet your needs without compromising security or quality. Of course we will still offer the same high quality product assistance and consulting that you have come to expect when working with NCI.

Affiliate Hosting & Website Building Tools‚Äč

Visit our Wix start page by clicking here.

Start to finish hosting and domain solutions right at your finger tips 24/7.

With the introduction of our new division Neverest Hosting & Domains ( we have vastly increased our online web services offering including a new entry level, self managed, website builder starting at just $4.99 a month!

On top of all the new services we have added value to almost all of our existing products. For example now with ever domain registered at you will receive a number of free products including a free email account, hosting for a starter page plus more. One of the most exciting additions is that we know offer 24/7 support for all of our online services!

Complete but supported control over all of your online products is now as easy as logging into our intuitive dashboard. Add Proprietary email accounts, security certificates or additional domains with a few quick clicks.