Product Placement Strategies

Your products in the eyes and hands of your customers.

Have a great idea, or perhaps a basement full of one? Not sure how to take it to market? NCI can help you develop and plan for success including acquiring and negotiating MDA’s and assisting you in creating marketing presentations for potential or existing retailers. More specifically we can assist you in the creation of brand & identity. How we can assist:

  • Logo or Brand Identifiers
  • Catalog or POS Materials
  • Online Promotion
  • Channel Marketing
  • Experience Interfacing (EI Marketing)
  • Illustration & Product Mock ups
  • Realistic Goal Setting & Forecasting
  • Market Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Positive Reinforcement Programs
Marketing Plans


PR & Slogans

Maintain a Positive Point of View in the Eyes of your Customers with a consistent, planned, approach.

When it comes to communicating with your current and potential clients Neverest Creative Marketing can be your catalyst to a clear and purposeful interaction. We can assist in ensuring that the continuous flow of information between your organization and those around it is reflective of your goals and intentions.

As Social Media and mobile technologies experience even more growth in popularity corporate transparency becomes an integral part of any organizations marketing regime. Our Public Relations and Slogan development consultations will help you identify your core market and take advantage of such knowledge to ensure your message utilizes the correct underlying psychological theory to effectively and honestly connect with your target audience.

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From formally documented plans to focused consulting sessions.

Our consulting services are what clearly define us. We are not a simple print shop that offers design services but rather a full service marketing company passionate about helping you communicate with your customers effectively across all mediums. In the ever change landscape of business we are challenged with adapting to an abundance of transitions in the form of social networking to introductions of new (and exciting) technologies that allow us to connect in way and at times we never thought possible. The team at Neverest Creative Marketing can help ensure you are utilizing these opportunities to the best of your ability without over extending your budget or suffering setbacks from impulse based spends.

Tips for Creating a successful Marketing Plan

  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Avoid impulse purchases for marketing & adverting.
  • Make the most of what you already have.
  • Ensure you plan to create synergy between all your identity products.
  • Study your market like moms meatloaf.

Pro-Profit Consults

Interested in meeting with a marketing firm (like us) to get help creating a marketing plan or simply refining your strategy but concerned about whether or not we can actually help? Try one of our Pro-Profit Consults – a discounted one hour consult during which we can help you set attainable goals and key performance indicators to ensure they are being met. Contact us to schedule your Pro-Profit Consult and let us help you find your success here!